Electrolytic Corrosion Proof Fan

This cooling fan prevents electrolytic corrosion of ball bearings

Cooling fan motors that prevent electrolytic corrosion of ball bearings.

Damage to ball bearings not only shortens the life of the cooling fan motor, but can also cause malfunctions in the device itself.

Fan uses ceramic balls in ball bearings to protect against electrolytic corrosion*. In doing so, this product can maintain fan motor efficiency.


1. This product prevents electrolytic corrosion of bearings even under conditions where electromagnetic noise is produced.
2. Electrolytic corrosion of ball bearings is prevented by using ceramic balls in ball bearings. The ceramic material is an insulating material.
Note1:Shielding metal plate
As an electromagnetic shield metal, "EMC Guard" is available from our company.
Certain shielding effect can be expected from mounting a general-purpose finger guard inside the fan. In each case, grounding to the cabinet is required.
Insert a common mode filter when the high-frequency electricity is superimposed on both lines "a" and "b" in the same phase and, if not, insert a normal mode filter.
【Cautionary Notes】
The San Ace Electrolytic Corrosion Proof Fan has been designed to prevent the electrolytic corrosion of ball bearings in the fan motor, but this does not guarantee that the fan motor will operate normally under conditions where there is strong electromagnetic noise.
Please be sure to fully examine the effect on the fan motor (extent of malfunctions, etc.) due to noise in advance.


For use in devices that are thought to produce high-frequency electromagnetic noise, such as inverters.


*…Electrolytic corrosion

A phenomenon is which damage is caused to the surface where the bearing ring and rolling element come into contact as a result of electric current passing through the inside of rotating ball bearings.
Electrolytic corrosion is characterized by abrasions that are rippled in contour.